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Don't keep your message hidden.

Make sure the world hears exactly what you want to say.

Stop worrying about whether you're a "good writer."


Ditch the stress over whether your résumé is appealing to hiring managers.

Say "buh-bye" to the fear of embarrassment from typos or clunky language.

Instead, have confidence

that your message is clear, complete, and error-free.

Technical writing and editing for your contribution to the world.

(by someone who's been there – really)

Why you can trust me:

  • If you're an entertainment industry professional, guess what? So am I. I speak your language, my friend.

  • I also have experience on the interviewer's side of the table in that industry, so I know what works and what doesn't.

  • I really have been there – I've written a giant graduate thesis, composed successful grant proposals, and published articles in trade magazines and journals, so I get how stressful it can be.

  • I'll never share your personal information without your permission.

  • Responsive communication is my jam.

  • Cool, calm, collected service, no matter how tight your timeline is.

  • Because other folks like you gave rave reviews about me! Scroll down to see what they had to say.

Where do you fit in?

Job Interview

Updating your résumé or cover letter? Be confident that your skills and expertise set you apart on paper.

You know your skills and experience better than anyone. Whether it's a new gig or an industry shift, I'll help you walk away knowing your application materials really shine (and are free of embarrassing typos!).

Job Interview

Writing a technical article for a trade magazine or other publication? Make sure it's the best reflection on you.

It can be scary to write a technical article that will affect your reputation (hopefully positively!). Keep the heebie-jeebies at bay with editing and proofreading from Steady Hand.

Old Book

Is your thesis or book draft ready for readers? Let's make sure they get the most from every page.

Get thorough feedback on organization, content, and more. A fresh pair of eyes can help you produce a manuscript you can be proud of before you send it for publishing.

Job Interview

Drafting a grant proposal to conduct research or an innovative project? Be certain that the value of your work is clear.

It can be daunting to write a long paper asking for money. Be positive that your dream project and its value are clearly expressed in your proposal.

Take it from satisfied customers:

"Steph has been reviewing my writing for almost five years now, and has worked on a wide range of texts ranging from résumés and cover letters, important e-mails, and multiple drafts of my book.  Steph always catches my copious proofing errors–but more importantly they picked up on my preferred form, style, and voice very early on, and help keep me consistent while still getting my point across.  Steph goes far above and beyond the cookie-cutter proofing that software, websites, and spell check offer, and has become essential at every step of my writing process." 

— Matt D., Live Entertainment Professional & Self-Published Book Author, Intellectual Property for Producing Theatres

And bring your message into the spotlight with Steady Hand Editorial Services LLC.

Send me a message below, and I'll send you a PDF guide to the process of working with me on your project. No strings attached.

What are you working on?
What categories describe your project?

Thanks for reaching out!

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