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Creating content you can proudly present to your clients, on your schedule.

Stop being embarrassed by inconsistent or non-compliant documentation.

Lose the guilt over rushing your manuals and guides.

Say "no more" to feeling lazy for neglecting the white papers and case studies you want to post on your website.

And do it all while increasing your revenue, boosting your reputation, and growing client trust.

Technical writing and editing for all your documentation and marketing needs.

What sets Steady Hand apart:

  • Custom fabrication experience;

  • Technical design experience;

  • Project management experience;

  • Familiarity with CAD software;

  • Working knowledge of mechanical systems and design, including pnuematics, hydraulics, automation, control systems, and more;

  • NDA in every contract;

  • Retainer or fee-based contracting to fit your business needs;

  • Responsive communication;

  • On-time deliverables;

  • Cool, calm, collected service, no matter how tight your timeline is.

Any of these sound like you?

Empty Classroom

No dedicated technical writers on your staff? No worries.

I can turn a drawing set and parts list into a complete manual while you work on other projects. Imagine your engineering and project management teams being able to focus 100% on innovation and client relationships, without worrying about when the writing's getting done. Now that's a win-win.

Checking Text on a Document

Not touching technical writing with a ten-foot pole? You're missing out on easy revenue! Why?!

The same vendor model you're used to for components or fabricated and pre-assembled parts can be applied to technical writing and documentation. Include my quote in your bid, and that's a markup opportunity for you - without hiring additional full-time staff. So simple!

Stressed Man

Is your staff technical writer stressed out juggling multiple projects? Help them enjoy their job again.

Is your writer foregoing time with family and friends to meet deadlines? Unburden your staff and increase work satisfaction by outsourcing formatting, editing, and proofreading to Steady Hand.

Protective Helmet

Unsure if your documentation is ANSI-compliant? I got you.

Do standards bore you to tears? You won't have to read ANSI Z535.6 when you hire me. (That's the one that deals with product safety information in manuals.) I actually have my own copy! Reduce anxiety by knowing your products are backed with ANSI-compliant documentation.


Want your website to work harder for you? Introduce prospects to specifics of how you can meet their needs.

Your website is your introduction to potential clients. Can they imagine themselves working with you? Case studies, project and product articles, and photo galleries with more than just pretty pictures are proven ways to boost your credibility.


Lacking templates to work from, or using templates that make life harder instead of easier?

Feeling like your document is fighting you is a terrible experience. Get those templates refined and restructured to work for you, and leave the frustration behind. A little template magic from me will save you so much time.

Join a growing client base:

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And win the writing game with clear, complete, and error-free content from Steady Hand Editorial Services LLC.


Send me a message below, and I'll send you a PDF guide to the process of working with me on your project. Commitment-free.

How can I serve you?
What categories are you interested in?

Thanks for reaching out!

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