Tired of estimating how much a scenic element will weigh with pencil and paper (and still woefully under-estimating)?


Try this out calculator instead! Features include:


  • preloaded reference sheet with weight-by-unit information for stick lumber, plywood, steel, aluminum, plastic goods and more;
  • drop-down materials selections that pull weight information from the reference sheet, so you don't have to look up material weights anymore;
  •  customizable reference sheet, so if you know your vendor's plywood runs a bit on the lighter side, you can adjust this calculator to YOUR stock;
  • option to apply a buffer to your weight estimations to account for hardware, paint texture, or other considerations beyond strict materials.


Built for ease-of-use and customization of reference data, this sheet just made it a little easier to approximate your scenery weight!

Scenery Weight Estimator

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