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Have you seen news about theatres, event venues, and film productions making plans to reopen and wondered how that’s going to work or what to expect when you show up to work? Even if you’re not yet headed back to the venue, it’s weird to think about going back to work around other people during a pandemic. Everybody wants to do this safely, but what does that look like?


And how can you know if your employer is doing everything that they should to keep you safe?


Instead of wading through the deep sea of the Internet, check this out–I’ve put together a short guide for live event professionals as we look forward to reopening. I’ve gone through more than 200 pages of industry-specific guidance to bring you the basics on what to expect from your employer, including testing and screening protocols, cleaning and disinfection policies, and personal protective equipment, because you should be able to be empowered and knowledgeable about your safety with COVID in the workplace.


Your employer is required to provide you with a reasonably safe workplace, and this guide is going to tell you what that workplace looks like: what PPE should be provided, the new level of detail in disinfection protocols, how teams of workers have to be managed in this new reality, all of that and more.


Don’t walk into your workplace uncertain of what should be happening for your safety–download this guide today.


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Returning to Work as a Live Event Professional in a Global Pandemic with AUDIO

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