I chose "Steady Hand" to reflect my reputation as a theatre technician and a professional: grounded, reliable, and calm and collected under pressure. I am focused, consistent, and always have my eye on the goal, and you'll receive that same steady-handed guidance and service when you work with me.

What's with the name?

Copyediting (often referred to as simply "editing"), at its core, is about advocating for the reader in hearing what the author has to say. Good copyediting aims to make a manuscript, or "copy," as comprehensible and smooth-flowing as possible while conforming to any revelant style formatting.


For businesses, that means that my services can help you operate more efficiently by ensuring information is easily understand by customers, which can reduce time on the phone answering questions and allow you to focus on critical tasks. For organizations producing technical manuals, employee handbooks, or other lengthy and important documents, a good copyediting job will ask the clarifying questions your readers will–before your readers ever see the material!

What is copyediting and how does it help me?

When you contact me, I'll reach out to discuss your project in a free introductory phone call or Zoom meeting. Together, we will determine what service best fits your needs, what pricing model is appropriate (per project, hourly, or retainer-based), and a timeline for the work. Based on that conversation, you will receive a quote or a contract followed by your first invoice. Contracts will detail payment schedules, communication between us, and the scope of work (including the alloted rounds of questions-and-answers if appropriate).

Manuscripts can be edited as hard-copy, or digitally using Microsoft Word files with track changes or marked-up PDFs, according to a client's need or preference. Edited copy will be returned via snail mail or email.

What should I expect from the process?
Why don't you list your rates?

Rates are not listed due to the wide variety of projects, scopes of work, and pricing models that I work with. However, I do have a standarized method that I use to determine rates for quotes. Rates are competitively based on industry averages, the speed at which I work, and the quality of work you can expect.

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