Copyediting (often referred to as simply "editing"), at its core, is about advocating for the reader in hearing what the author has to say. Good copyediting aims to make a manuscript, or "copy," as comprehensible and smooth-flowing as possible while conforming to any revelant style formatting. It helps elevate a piece of writing so the message is clear and concise.

For individuals, proofreading and copyediting can help your resume and cover letters create a great first impression. For businesses, my services can help you operate more efficiently by ensuring information is easily understand by customers, which can reduce time on the phone answering questions and allow you to focus on critical tasks. Marketing materials and customer-facing documentation such as dining menus are easier to understand and reflect well on your organization when they are free of errors and typos. And finally, for organizations producing technical manuals, employee handbooks, or other lengthy and important documents, a good copyediting job will ask the clarifying questions your readers will–before your readers ever see the copy!

What is copyediting and how does it help me?

It's easy to miss small mistakes when you've been working on (and staring at) your own material for a while. Additionally, professional editing services like mine can ensure adherence to style guides, specifically Chicago and Associated Press (AP), which dictate many aspects of punctuation and grammar in writing. And while friends and family might offer some gentle criticism of your writing, I will be straight-forward about matters of organization, logic, conciseness, active voice, clarity, and the elimination of biased language.

Why should I hire you instead of editing my own material or asking a friend to do it?
Do you have any credentials?

Yes! I hold a Certificate in Editing from Poynter News University and the American Copy Editors Society (ACES). Also, I regularly partake in training programs from the Editorial Freelancers Association (EFA) and am a member of both ACES and EFA.

When you contact me, I'll reach out to discuss your project and the sample provided (or request a sample if there was none). Together, we will determine what service best fits your needs and agree on a deadline. After that conversation, you will receive a quote for acceptance. I operate on a 50% up-front, remainder upon completion model, so when you accept the quote, you'll receive your first invoice for half of the estimated total. Once payment is received, I will edit or proofread your document, then return it to you with a summary explaining edits made and asking any questions (called "queries") about the content or suggested revisions. For most projects, one or two rounds of asking and answering queries and making changes is expected and included in the service. Once those rounds are completed and a final copy is proofread, payment is expected in full by credit card, debit card, or paper check. Digital Mark-Up and Hourly Services will receive a final invoice reflecting actual time worked and cost incurred.

Manuscripts can be edited as hard-copy, or digitally using Microsoft Word files with track changes or marked-up PDFs, according to a client's need or preference. Snail mail or email will be used accordingly to return edited copy.

What should I expect from the process?
How did you come up with your rates?

Rates are competitively based on industry averages, the speed at which I work, and the quality of work you can expect. Note that the industry standard for a manuscript page is 250 words. Please get in touch to discuss your exact needs and pricing. All quotes are calculated based on word-count and minimum fees. Steady Hand Editorial Services LLC is committed to transparency; please visit the Services page for comprehensive pricing information. If you have concerns about your budget in relation to costs, please reach out and let's see what we can do.

How do I get in touch with you?

Click here to fill out a contact form, or email steph@steadyhandES.com. Please include your information and a brief description of your needs, and I will get back to you in 1-2 business days. Quote requests should be accompanied by a sample (1-2 pages or 250-500 words) of your document.

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