Specializing in entertainment production and technical documentation to translate complex material for your clients and accelerate your service delivery.


Steph is available for project-based or retainer-based work in the following areas:

Technical Writing

Need help producing or improving O&M or user manuals? Let's talk.


Streamline your documentation processes to save you time and better serve clients.

Manuscript Evaluation

Receive feedback on your document's content, strengths, and weaknesses, with recommended next steps.


Get your print-ready documents reviewed for typographical errors.


Ensure your documents are properly structured and formatted, understandable for readers, and grammatically correct.


Steph has worked with self-published authors, entertainment industry job-seekers, and the author of an entertainment technology text to be published in 2021.



"I appreciated Steph’s detailed feedback. Their suggestions were totally on point and helped me improve the layout, sentence structure, and overall cohesiveness of my résumé. They transformed my résumé and helped me to tailor the details I included to match the positions I was applying for."

— Jerry Z., Live Entertainment Professional


Numerous resources are available in the store, including:

Scenery Weight Estimator & Stinger Length Calculator

Free tools for technical designers for better accuracy in less time.

COVID-19 Reopening Guidelines for Live Events

This guide condenses more than 200 pages of industry specific guidance from eight reopening guides into one guide with side-by-side comparisons of recommendations.

Translating a Theatre Résumé for Layperson Recruiters

For entertainment professionals looking to change industries.

...and more!

Some products are also available with audio tracks for those who need or prefer to listen.



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